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decided to check out this site...

Posted by ShugurShock - August 5th, 2008

actually i'm a little disappointed.
i was told this was a great flash site-and it is- but the people here are just so...

...so mean.

half you guys don't know what courtesy is, let alone how to be tactful.
i may have the most childish, fugly flashes in the world, but at least i have manners.


i might even take my crap off of here, you people dont seem to want it up anyway.

since it makes your eyes bleed and all. D<

at the moment i am very angry. i apologize if i unintentionally offended any of you.

Comments (6)

I understand what you mean exactly. I agree too that people are jack-offs with no respect here on NewGrounds, but there's ya know a few of us who are kind and totally agree with what you're saying. ^_^ LoL, anyway, I like your flashes. They're cute, and if people can't take that...well, it's okay because we should feel sorry for them since they stare at their fugly faces in the mirror all the time and not understand what greater good there is in cute flashes. ^_^

Not everyone here is mean. But unfortunately, I see your point.

Dont apologise. Most of the people here are dicks. Lets just hope you dont quit because of them and your' fugly' flashes get better.

hai. kawaii flashes desu! i love your flashes!!! please don't leave!!!

i'll be your fwiend! :3

howzat fwiend?

hey c'mon don't listen 2 the meanies if want i can beat up the meanies 4 u, u make great flashes and they're just jealous of how well u can do ^^ ^^ keep at it

You vids are awesome! Please don't take them off :( Except for the card capter.. no offence. You should make more of the Akasuki ones :)